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Holiday home


Upal-Upakuley (holiday home)
  • Non A/C - 4 rooms, Rs.350.00 per room(With kitchen), Rs.400.00 per room(Without kitchen)
  • A/C  - 6 rooms, Rs.700.00 per room/ Rs.750.00 per room.
Opp. C.S.T.C bus stand,Behind police phari,Old Digha,East Midnapur.
Caution money -300/ per room. Departure time - 10.30A.M
Timi Lodge 
  • Gour bari sai road, opposite lahari complex.
  • Total rooms - 4 (Non A/C Rs.350.00 per room )With Kitchen
 Caution money -100/ per room. Departure time - 6.00A.M
Gitanjali hotel/Holiday home
            Gour bari sai road,Puri,Odisha
            Total rooms - 18,Non A/C - 550/-, A/C - 1200
S/C - 15% on total bill pay at hotel,Departure time - 6.00A.M
New Sandip Lodge
Sree Krishnandaanda Dham
Opp. Sri Bijay krishna asram(Akhay Dham),Gour batsai,Swargadwar,Puri-752001
2 rooms @ 450.00 per day (each room) 3 persons accomodation.
        1 Dormatory @ 550.00 per day,6 persons accomodation.
Departure time - 6.00A.M
Hotel Bhaichung
Helipad ground,Upper pelling,West sikkim.
Total rooms - 6
Hotel View Point
Helipad ground,Upper pelling,West sikkim.