There are two Auditoriums which are under the control of this Municipality, situated at the side of Kamarhati Municipal Office at the junction of Feeder Road and B T Road. One Auditorium and its Hall is centrally air-conditioned, named Najrul Mancha situated at 1st floor and another non A/C named Samaj Sadan situated at ground floor.

Sitting accommodation of Najrul Mancha - 824 persons & Samaj sadan - 300 persons (without chair). The auditoriums are brilliantly decorated, illuminated and equipped with modern acoustics system. Cultural functions like dance, drama, vocal and instrumental music etc. are organized here by various Clubs / Associations / Organizations. Samaj Sadan is also used for holding meetings / seminars / workshops / exhibitions etc.

on payment of reasonable rental charge as fixed by the Board of Councilors

  •      Najrul Mancha - Rs 4000 + 500 =4500 (Caution money Rs 500 is refundable)
  •      Samaj Sadan - Rs 1000 + 200 =1200 (Caution money Rs 200 is refundable)


Rules and Regulations  of  Nazrul Mancha and Samaj Sadan Hall

  • Municipal Authority holds the right to refuse permission for any function which in their opinion is likely to have demoralized effect on youthful minds and society as a whole. Slang songs and cabaret dances are not allowed at the stage. It is strictly prohibited to use any abusing language and to show any obscene in any kind of function.
  1. Cooking or lighting of fire within the periphery of the Hall/Mancha and its surrounding boundary area is strictly prohibited. Bringing of any lamp, light or any other inflammable material either on the stage or in the auditorium is also strictly prohibited.
  2. Fixing of Pin/Nail/Gum/Tape at the wall is strictly prohibited.
  3. In case of any damage of the Hall/Mancha, the party will be responsible to pay damage charges.
  4. Consumption of Narcotic materials is strictly prohibited.
  5. The hall will be opened before couple of hours of the scheduled programme and the main gate of the hall will be opened before half an hour for the spectators.
  6. Programme must be finished at the scheduled time otherwise the authority will apply extra charges for extra time of using and which is maximum an hour.
  7. The party will be fully responsible for their valuable apparatus/instruments whatsoever. The authority will not be responsible for any damage or loss of their apparatus/instruments.
  8. During rehearsal, no air conditioned machine will be accommodated.
  9. Additional spectators beyond the offered seats are not permissible. It is also not permissible to sale extra tickets or circulate extra invitation cards against the number of offered seats.
  10. In case of the cancellation of the hall booking date by the party, no money would be refunded and also no extra date would be provided by the authority.
  11. The programme schedule which was mentioned at the time of booking may alter only after getting the permission from the respective authority.
  12. Party must submit permission from Sub-Divisional Office, Barrackpore / Fire Brigade and Belgharia Police Station as well as Kamarhati Municipality for getting final permission.
  13. Hawking of foodstuff and drinks inside the Hall/Mancha is strictly prohibited.
  14. Municipal Authorities hold its right to cancel any previous booking in favour of any Governmental or greater interest of the community if any exigency arises. In such cases efforts will be made to fix alternate date otherwise charges received in advance will be refunded.
  15. Booking counter will be used before 3 days including the day of programme.
  16. Emergency electric supply from Diesel Generator set will be provided at the time of power off.
  17. Air Conditioning machine will be started half an hour before the programme schedule. This facility will not apply at the time of load shedding/power off or using generator set.
  18. The authority will not be responsible for any power off or other mechanical fault.
  19. Except for the act of Drama, smoking is strictly prohibited.
  20. In respect of interpretation of rules and orders as made out above, the decision of the Municipality shall be final.
  21. Money receipt must be executed at the beginning of programme.
  22. Rehearsal with light and sound is chargeable which will be fixed after negotiation.
  23. Rupees 200/- have to be deposited for Hall/Mancha in case of fixing light and sound from outer source.
  24. All instruments/articles are to be removed by the party within one hour of the completion of programme otherwise to be collected at the next day morning at 10:30 am.
  25. In case of power failure immediately before the commencement of or during the function, it may not be possible to repair or to replace the same then and there or run Generator immediately; necessary time is to be given for generator running.

A list of articles, generally provided for the use of Nazrul Mancha is noted below :


1. 1000 Watt Halogen Lamp - 04 nos.
2. 400 Watt Metal Lamp - 03 nos.
3. 1000 Watt follow - 02 nos.
4. 500 Watt side wash - 02 nos.
5. Toplight to B-type, Mirror, Baby (500W) - 04 nos.
6. Cyclorama (Red, Blue & Yellow) - 12 nos.
7. Mic with Catcher - 08 nos.
8. Table (Fibre) - 02 nos.
9. Chair (Fibre) - 04 nos.
10. Chowki (Wooden 6’ x 3’) - 03 nos.
11. Podium - 01 no.
12. Speech Box -

01 no.

 A list of articles, generally provided for the use of Samaj Sadan is noted below :


1. Ordinary lamp fixed at the Sadan    
2. Microphone - 03 nos.
3. 500 Watt follow* - 02 nos.
4. 500 Watt Baby* - 04 nos.
5. 1000 Watt Halogen lamp* - 01 no

* These facility will be provided against the deposition of Rupees 200/-

For complete rate chart regarding the Hall/Mancha, please come and contact with the In-charge of the Hall/Mancha.


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