Chairperson’s Desk

Our Municipality started its journey in the year 1899 but due to scarcity of required capital our Municipality could not be able to serve the people properly. Municipalities were self-help Govt. without having financial resources save and except the holding taxes and other fees. Situation exists even after independence of India for 3 / 4 decades. Lately Municipal bodies have been accorded constitutional status in constitution amendment Act 1992 and rest to the status of Local Govt. in 74th Amendment Act and some specific duties and responsibilities bestowed on the Local Body, which are the mandate to the ULB’s.

However, in 1977 a rapid change took place with the installation of Left Front Govt. in West Bengal. Decentralization of Power paved the way to the ULB to extend the area of services and people started to share with the local body. From 1980’s Govt. started to give emphasis on Municipal Corporation and other Urban Local Bodies by all sorts of assistance - ULB’s were entrusted to be the implementing body of all projects with the active participation of the community. Municipalities successfully executed the projects such as CUDP-III, 8th Plan programmer, NSDP, 12th Finance, SFC, and other granted programmers, thereby a overall change of infrastructure took place in all the Municipalities and some of the basic services reach to the people with the satisfaction, though it can be imagine that to combat a huge backlog which still exist, therefore, we cannot claim all the problems to be mitigated by the ULB, especially intervention in development process, development always demand more development .

Process of decentralization of planning and development had been worked out and implemented based on primary need of the people. It is obvious that Municipalities have not ventured to prepare development plan covering all the area on a basis of timeframe. The mandate of the 74th Constitution Amendment Act strides us to prepare 5 year plan of each and every ULB and taking into account of Compulsion of constitution we have to under take the process of preparing of DDP, KUSP programmer has given the opportunity to the 40 ULB,s to prepare DDP for five year and all the 40 ULB working out to prepare DDP as per guide line fixed up by the DFID from 2003. to assist and guide ULB, Govt. of west Bengal created a department namely Change Management unit (CMU) and under CMU, ULB,s are functioning on all the programmers.

In short, we are mentioning some of the identified burnings problems, which have also been pointed out by the people, Ward Committee and other Citizens forum, which needs immediate intervention to develop the services of civic body, for example, the drainage and sewerage system to remove the water logging, removal of solid waste, roads and above all water supply system. It cannot be denied that extension of services whatever needs more capacity building of the institutions and adopt more scientific method for sustaining the assets to be created by the Municipality.

Moreover, we publish citizen charter to give proper service to our citizen. We also publish all the forms viz. Death & Birth, Trade License in Urdu besides English for the minority community people. We have renovated the Muslim burial ground at Kamarhati and Agarpara. As per development plan 2007-2012 we try to improve our Socio-economic structure through different type of wage employment training and micro enterprise training.

In conclusion, we must take note that sustainability mainly depends on citizens’ awareness and participations and on financial capacity building