Land & Building Plan

Functions and Role

Plan, execute and monitor various engineering/construction project

Sanctioning Building Plan

Building Plan

  • The document needed in time of submitting the Building plan are:
    1. One attested copy (photocopy) of the Parcha.
    2. One attested copy (photocopy) of the Registered Deed.
    3. One attested copy (photocopy) of Mutation Certificate.
    4. One attested copy (photocopy) of present Municipality tax payment receipt.
    5. Four copies of site plan.
    6. Four copies of proposed building plan after sanction of site plan.
    7. One copy of Calculation Sheet above G+II.
    8. In case of Additional Construction, one copy of Structural Certificate (Above two stories)
    * * * In case of demolition, one copy of Declaration in Non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.10.00 must be submitted.
  • The following documents must be submitted in case of Apartment:
    1. Soil Test Report from Recognized Firm.
    2. Safe Design Certificate from Structural Engineer.
    3. Original copy of the No Objection Certificate issued by Fire Brigade must be produced and submitted upon request.
    4. Rules implied by the Government must be followed strictly in case of Apartment.
    5. The paper of the agreement between the Land Lord and the Developer must be submitted with the commercial and rental houses.
    * * * In case of above G+IV, only site plan will be approved by the municipality after getting final certification of MED.