Swarna Jayanti Sahari Rojgar Yojana

All the 35 Municipal wards have been covered under the CDS and 65% BPL families have been covered under the program till date. The BPL women under the groups are to be encouraged to form Thrift and Credit Groups and DWCUA Gosthis to take up gainful business activities in order to make themselves economically viable.

About 472 TCGs with a membership of 6960 BPL women have so far been formed with a percentage of 56.09% of total BPL families. About 200 members of the T&C groups have been provided with Revolving Fund loan and 69 members of family members of T & CG with bank loan for financing their micro enterprises apart from the loan taken by them from groups. So far revolving fund loan of about 69 lakh have been provided. Vocational training in different trades has been provided to 1056 members or family members of TCGs. 6 DWCUA gosthis have so far been formed in Kamarhati Municipal area.

In some of the wards, formation of TCGs is less due to various reasons. More NHC meeting should be regularly held at least once in every month. In which all loan applications of the individuals for DWCUA gosthis either for availing group loan, revolving fund loan and bank loan should be discussed and considered or rejected.

UPE Cell meetings are now being held once in every month compulsory and twice in need. Four CDS under Kamarhati Municipality have taken such strategy to cover TCGs further to 50 nos. of groups every year and DWCUAs to 20 during five years. The SJSRY Cell has thought to raise more DWCUAs covering BPL families step by step.

The SJSRY Cell has, at present, four full time COs with one full time TPO, but unfortunately, they are not found sufficient to manage such large number of groups with their accounts updated. They are found busy with the desk job, mostly rather than visiting ward office and managing the respective groups. The UPE Cell as well as the Municipal authority has suggested to deploy two NHC. Members from each CDS to cover the BPL families rightly and to manage the functionaries and activities smoothly.


  1. Arrangement of initial capital and business premises is lacking;
  2. To provide assistance for marketing of the products as well as counseling is lacking;
  3. Proper training in Enterprise Development is required;
  4. The concerned bank branch does not communicate the loan sanction order to the ULB for want of which recording at the ULB level remains incomplete.

At present members of TCG as well as CDS are attached with various programme of the Municipality. Such as, Courier Service, Mid-Day-Meal, Slum Development work etc.