About Kamarhati Municipality

With the clearance of nominated mayor and nine older men at the regim of East India Company in the 1726 the Municipal Administration started its journey. Though Calcutta now Kolkata witness the pattern of development in 1794 with the decision of definite boundaries of Municipal and Judicise purpose. Upto 1864 the British has concentrated all development whatsoever within the visionary of Kolkata.
In the historical background the political scenario the British Empire has to take decision to extend the local autonomy all over the Bengal especially the big and growing business center and enacted the District Municipal Improvement Act, 1864 and the District Town Act, 1868 to take up the development and conservancy work by the help of the police.

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Chairman’s Desk

Our Municipality started its journey in the year 1899 but due to scarcity of required capital our Municipality could not be able to serve the people properly. Municipalities were self-help Govt. without having financial resources save and except the holding taxes and other fees. Situation exists even after independence of India for 3 / 4 decades. Lately Municipal bodies have been accorded constitutional status in constitution amendment Act 1992 and rest to the status of Local Govt. in 74th Amendment Act and some specific duties and responsibilities bestowed on the Local Body, which are the mandate to the ...

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News & Events

Inauguration of newly renovated Electric Crematorium on 4th January, 2019

After repairing & renovation of electric crematorium, it will be opened on 4th January, 2019 at 3.00...

Notice Inviting Quotation

Sealed quotation is invited for disilting by mechanical or manually at Prafullya Nagar open canal situated...

Notice Inviting Quotation

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NIQ Dt. 23.07.18

NIQ for repairing of Cesspool Machine,for more details please see Tender/Quotation

Tender & Quotation
Interview Letter for Employment in Kamarhati Municipality
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